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Class Descriptions

PRE-BALLET – This class emphasizes coordination skills through movement with music. Students are introduced to basic ballet and stretch movements using creative dance concepts.

BALLET – Classical ballet concentrates on terminology and placement of the body by working at the barre and in the center. This intermediate and advanced levels are highly recommended to take more than one class per week.  
POINTE– Intermediate/Advanced ballet students. Instructor's recommendation only.

CONTEMPORARY  – A form of dance which incorporates elements of both ballet and modern dance. While focused on ballet technique, it allows for a greater range of movement and style than classical ballet.​

TAP– In this class, students will reinforce terminology while learning proper tap technique doing steps in center and across the floor. This style of dance will emphasize teaching students to utilize rhythm, counting, and learning choreography.

JAZZ– Students are taught variations of classic jazz, jazz funk, and competition jazz. This class will enhance students flexibility in extensions and splits as well as give them a foundation in classic jazz by utilizing a variation of turns and leaps. This upbeat class allows students to express themselves to pop music. It’s energetic and fun!

LYRICAL – A fusion of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance techniques that focuses on expressing emotions and telling stories through movement. Students will focus on learning musicality to add a complimentary layer to the music through dance. This class allows students to improve flexibility, balance, and control while also encouraging their own style of expression to their dancing.

HIP HOP– Combining the hard-hitting steps of Hip-hop with the technical turns and leaps of classical jazz; this class offers a unique mix of both styles. Students will focus on improving proficiency in both genres by learning fun and fast paced choreography catered to all levels. * great for all ages

MODERN– A form of dance which focuses on the body’s structure and alignment. Explores concepts of space, time, rhythmn, levels, force, speed, gesture, repetition, and expression. Students will learn these concepts through excercises, improvisation, and movement combinations.
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